BeotelNet Support Service offers you complete technical support and answers to every question.

Technical Support department working hours are from 00:00 till 24:00.
Telephone numbers for Technical Support:

  • 011 4255 155
  • 011 4255 000
  • 064 6002 600

Access Parameters

BeotelNet Service basic technical features
Incoming Mail Server (POP3) pop3.beotel.net
Outgoing Mail Server SMTP): smtp.beotel.net
My server requires authentication
News server (NNTP): news.beotel.net
DNS (Domain Name Server)
Username username
Password password
E-mail address username@beotel.net
Download server http://download.beotel.net

Connecting to the Internet

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Virus protection

The most usual way to spread a virus is through e-mail. Besides e-mail, it is possible to catch a virus by careless accessing to some Web pages, or by downloading unsafe and unsecured file. Viruses can be packed into .zip, .arj, .rar or .tgz archive and can be activated simply by unpacking those archives. More details