Tower room

An ideal solution for serious users or users with specific requirements

Provide 24 hours presence on the Internet and assure that users can use your services at any time. If you don’t have permanent access to the Internet or your connection isn’t fast enough, Server Housing is the right solution for you. When hosted in BeotelNet Data Center, your servers are under 24 hours supervision, 7 days a week, in conditions of ideal temperature and humidity. Also, at your disposal is constant monitoring of your server traffic at the Web page that is created for you.

PDF presentation of Telehousing

Rack rent/month
Rack 1/1 1/2 1/4 1/42
height  [HU] 42 21 10 1

Users of telehousing get a discount on broadband internet.
FLAT plan - 15% discount/month
Standard plan - 300 rsd/GB (Sum GB)

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