Service Features – Wireless Connection

Wireless Internet connection is a service which is providing a constant 24 hour access to Internet. This service is intended for business users who have a need for high quality and high reliability connection.

What do You Get With Permanent Wireless Connection?

  • 24 hours online Internet connection
  • Large transfer rate: 64kbps – 4 Mbps
  • Static IP addressing
  • Reliable connection
  • VPN connections
  • 24 hours supervision of network– Network Operation Center (NOC)
  • Graphic representation of network traffic

Advanteges of Wireless Connection

  • Installation within 24 hours
  • There is no need for a telephone line
  • Speed up to 8 Mbit/s is possible only through wireless devices
  • Range up to 20+ kilometers
  • Moving equipement: in case of changing firm’s location, you can move the device to new location and establish connection to Internet within one day.

Prerequisite for Connecting

  • Optical visibility with one of base BeotelNet stations
    (Optical visibility is easy to establish with our techical support crew)
  • Equipement for wireless connection (device, antenna, antenna’s post …)

BeotelNet gives you the opportunity to choose the way of making a tariff according to your needs. For users who want to limit the transmission rate and to pay the same amount every month we have prepared the flat package.

For all the necessary information call us or send us an email.